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Session Title: 

Immersive Learning Experiences in the Metaverse





During the 5-week EVO session ‘Immersive Learning Experiences in the Metaverse’ participants learn to build in virtual worlds and Virtual Reality VR. These experiences are quests, simulations, quizzes, mazes, games or similar in 3D environments such as OpenSim, Frame VR, Mozilla Hubs, AltspaceVR, etc. We also learn 3D objects modelling tools.


Target audience:

This session is aimed at experienced language educators, language course designers, and webheads.  Those without experience in entering and navigating virtual worlds will be able to observe our live sessions in Zoom and we provide help with setting up and orientation for new ones. 


Session objectives: 

By the end of this session you should:


  • Know how to build learning experiences in virtual worlds and VR

  • Have learned to import or create 3D objects 

  • Have learned to import 3D objects into a variety of 3D environments

  • Have understood some learning experience design principles




Week 1: (January 9 - 15) 

Live Session 1 (Thursdays)

Examples of various learning experiences by the moderators

Live Session 2 (Sundays)

Mozilla Hubs and its buildung tool Spoke



Week 2: (January 16 - 22)

Live Session 1 (Thursdays)

Learning experiences in frameVR

Live Session 2 (Sundays)

Learning experiences in AltSpaceVR


Week 3: (January 23 - 29)

Live Session 1 (Thursdays)

Learning experiences in OpenSim

Live Session 2 (Sundays)

Learning experiences in OpenSim


Week 4: (January 30 - February 5)

Live Session 1 (Thursdays)

Creating, searching for and 'decimating' 3D objects in Blender or other 3D software

Live Session 2 (Sundays)

Learning experiences using an HMD (VR headset) 


Week 5: (February 6 - 12)
Show & Tell of learning experiences created by participants



Our main learning space is Canvas Free for teachers  and there you will find more information about how to join ... 


  • our OpenSim region called EduNation which is located in Kitely

  • our Wiki Space for all of the publicly available resources

  • and Zoom for the synchronous sessions 

  • various YouTube video tutorial 


For enrollment instructions, please scroll down.  

Other technology tools: 

OpenSim, FrameVR, Mozilla Hubs, AltspaceVR, ENGAGE XR, (Immersive environments)

Blender, MakeHuman or similar 3D objects modelling tools.



Join this session: 
Registration Jan. 1-8, 2023.
For participants to join this session:



Discord Server vLanguages



Sponsoring organizations

Name / date of approval

TESOL CoP Virtual Worlds   
CALL Interest Section of TESOL (CALL-IS) Jane Chien, Chair / December 1, 2022



Dr. Sadler, Randall

rsadler [at] illinois [dot] edu


University of Illinois Urbana Champaign



Randall Sadler [aka Randall Renoir] is Associate professor at  Illinois University, head of the Virtual Worlds SIG of CALICO. He is a TESOL member, book author (Virtual Worlds for Language Learning, The Handbook of Informal Language Learning, New Ways in Teaching with Games) and co-owner of EduNation islands in Second Life. 



Heike Philp heikephilp [at] gmail [dot] com Belgium let's talk online sprl  Continuing  

Heike Philp is CEO of let's talk online sprl, an immersive language education specialist. She is co-initiator of EU funded LANCELOT (virtual classroom), AVALON (virtual world), CAMELOT (machinima), GUINEVERE (games in 3D) and EXCALIBUR (building in 3D) projects and founder of the VRT Conference, DaFWEBKON and co-owns EduNation in Second Life and OpenSim.

Dr. Doris Molero doris3m [at] gmail [dot] com Argentina   Continuing  

Dr. Doris Molero (Ed.D) combines education technology and teaching for peace. She’s an ESP professor at Universidad San Pablo Tucuman. Passionate about language learning, instructional design, and 3D Multi-User Virtual Environments for situated, experiential learning. VWBPE 2022 Thinkerer Award winner and 2023 TESOL/CALL-IS EVO Coordinator. 

Dennis Newson

djn [at] dennisnewson [dot] de






Dennis Newson M.A. (Cantab), P.D.E.S.L (Leeds), taught EFL in Africa, Arabia, Norway, and Germany. Consultant in Bosnia and Kosovo attending conferences in Poland, Hungary, Las Palmas, Russia, and England. He has developed his interest in Second Life since his alleged retirement where he is known as Osnacantab Nesterov.


Helena Galani helenagalani2010 [at] gmail [dot] com Greece  

Helena Galani, Greece, RSA Diploma - University of Cambridge/UCLES; M.A. ELT - University of Nottingham; owner of ELT Treasure Island, Kitely.Returning EVO Moderator; freelance online/on-site TESOL/EAP tutor with extensive experience on exam-orientated classes; Educator at LLL centres with the Hellenic Ministry of Education. ESOL Assessor; designer of online ELT courses.

Amany Alkhayat aa4396 [at] tc.columbia [dot] edu US   Continuing  

Amany Alkhayat is the co-founder and CEO of Language Cities. She’s also a certified gamification facilitator at Sententia Inc.She’s pursuing her doctoral degree in instructional technology at Columbia University, Teachers College. She’s a Udemy instructor teaching nearly 7000 students. Her research interests focus on immersive learning, conversational AI, and web3. 

Barbara McQueen bmcqueen2 [at] gmail [dot] com US   Continuing  

Barbara McQueen [aka Barbara Novelli] has an M.A. in TEFL. She has been an accomplished builder and teacher in Second Life and Open Sim for more than a decade. This includes building two mega worlds in Kitely for teaching English and placing over 500 products on the Kitely Marketplace.  

Georgia Maneta
georgiamat@yahoo.com  Greece    NEW     Georgia Maneta has been an EFL Educator for over 20 years. She has offered presentations to educators on different Web Tools. She is currently doing a MSC in Immersive Technologies - Innovation in Education, Training and Game Design at the International Hellenic University in Greece.



Name of Lead Moderator:  Heike Philp

Email address: heikephilp@gmail.com



Terms of Agreement (to be completed by Lead Moderators; please confirm by writing “I agree” in each item.)

Terms of Agreement for EVO Session Lead Moderators


  1. As Lead Moderator of my EVO session, I am responsible for making sure that first-time moderators in the session register for MOD PD on or before the due date (Oct. 16, 2022).

 Heike Philp
  1. As Lead Moderator of my EVO session, I am responsible for making sure that first-time moderators participate actively in MOD PD Oct. 16 - Nov. 13, 2022.

  1. As Lead Moderator of my EVO session, I affirm that moderators found lacking in completing the expectations and tasks in MOD PD will be removed from the session.

  1. I am available to engage actively in the EVO session I have agreed to co-moderate between January 9 and February 12, 2023. 


  1. I further understand that 

  • EVO sessions are free of advertising and commercial sponsorship;

  • EVO sessions are free and open to all;

  • No academic credit will be given for participation in EVO session.






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