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Page history last edited by Dr. Nellie Deutsch 1 year, 4 months ago

EVO Proposals for 2023



17 (2 new, 15 returning) proposals for EVO 2023 with lead moderators in bold

  1. Delivering Best Practices for Distance and Blended Courses Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Christine Sabieh, Larisa Olesova, Sue Annan, Jack Watson & Naglaa Salem- returning 
  2. Developing Learning Habits - Suchita Mahorkar, Sudarshana Shirude, Nileshkumar Panchal, Shilpi Jain & Harshini Lalwani- returning
  3. EVO_Minecraft_MOOC_2023 - Jane Chien, Bobbi Stevens, Aaron Schwartz, and Robert Remmerswal - returning
  4. Flipped Learning in Language Teaching 2023 Diana K. Salazar, Gabriela Garibotto & Mike Kenteris- returning
  5. Grammar_for_TESOL - Naglaa Salem & Masahito Watanabe - returning
  6. Immersive Learning Experiences in the Metaverse- Heike Philp, Randall Sadler, Dennis Newson, Barbara McQueen, Helena Galani, Doris Molero, Amany Alkhayat, & Georgia Maneta - returning
  7. Language Assessment Literacy for Practitioners  - Ece Sevgi-Sole & Asli Saglam - returning
  8. Language Teacher Agency in the Classrooms -  Zhenjie Weng, Grace Kim and Jingyi Zhu  - returning
  9. Learner Engagement through Virtual Apps   Grazzia Mendoza, Mary Allegra, Miguel Carranza, Olenka Villavicencio & Zuleika Zapateiro - new 
  10. Mentoring Teacher Research- Seden Eraldemir Tuyan, Ana Garcia Stone, Ruben Mazzei, Mariana Serra & Richard Smith - returning
  11. Mindfulness Awareness Practice - Nellie Deutsch and Sanja Bozinovic- returning
  12. Moodle for Teachers - Learn to Teach Online  - Nellie Deutsch, Zeynab Moosave, Kapoor, Harshita
  13. Teaching EFL to Young Learners- Nellie Deutsch, Judy Wong, Nives Torresi, Sheryl McCoy - returning
  14. Technology for Spoken English -  Sudarshana Shirude, Sudhakar Katare - returning
  15. Tools for Student Collaboration  - Nellie Deutsch, Maria Flouraki - returning
  16. Translanguaging Pedagogies in TESOLGrace Kim, Zhenjie Weng, Yizhe Jiang, & Yuseva Iswandari -  new
  17. Video Based Mobile Learning - Nellie Deutsch and Sudarshana Shirude- returning


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